zuzu ramen


After a successful game night at Pacific Standard that resulted in me losing every single game, Panda, Bear, Shih Tzu, and I wandered around the area for a good dinner spot and with the air outside becoming a bit nippy, we decided on this place.

For a ramen shop, the place was quiet, but perhaps that’s most places in Brooklyn where take-out may be more common than eating in.

We all peered at the menu briefly and were all set. I ordered the pork buns and the Zuzu Ramen while everyone else ordered the Green Curry Miso Ramen. I’ll admit it, I was definitely the odd one out, but whatevs.

We watched as our dishes were prepared and I honestly felt underwhelmed by the performance. It lacked spark and flavor, which you can easily get at Totto or Ippudo. Nevertheless the food came quick and we all dug in.

The pork buns were just inundated with meat. So much so that the bun couldn’t handle it and was, as a result, difficult to handle with two hands. It’s not a starter that’s easy to share. And in terms of taste, the pork was overly sweet for me and because the bun was flooded with the marinade, there was no balance to dull out the flavor.

As for my ramen, it was hearty. Unlike the more saltier broths that come with the ramen I typically order, the Zuzu broth was fatty rather than salty, as if the broth was solely dependent on the fat coming off the pork. Not an unwelcome change from the norm, but not one wild enough for repeats.

I didn’t get to try the Green Curry Miso ramen that the others had, but in later conversations, it seemed no one thoroughly enjoyed it. Panda, who did try my ramen, said he liked mine more than his, so if you find yourself here, stick with the house ramen, and as for starters, I highly recommend you don’t get the pork buns unless you like sweet meats.



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