yuji ramen, whole foods soho


Pickled vegetablescarrots, cabbage, and radish
The vegetables were lightly pickled, perhaps to just clean the palate rather than overwhelm with acridity.

Bacon and egg mazemenramen, poached egg, bacon, kale, bonito flakes
I figured this was some innovative take on the bacon and egg breakfast. After all, it had all the elements. Initially, I thought the ramen was decent. As I delved deeper, however, I felt less and less pleased. The ramen was either too rough or too dry and any attempts to revitalize it with the garlicy soy sauce failed. The sauce was so light; it just slid back to the bottom of the bowl. It was very imbalanced because by the time I got to the bottom, the ingredients that were lounging in the sauce were so intense with flavor that I nearly got a headache.

Shoyu ramen – Turns out the more traditional dishes fair better at this permanent location. But even as the less exotic choice, this wasn’t the most outstanding. It was a very mediocre shoyu ramen dish.



  • Maisa Leibovitz

    What’s on the top there? It looks like onion skin! Im sure its not but…

    • kimpenguin

      It’s bonito flakes. The flakes are super thin, so it looks like its moving. Very interesting.

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