wall street


“Damn, Michael Douglas has been old for a long time” was the first words out of my mouth when MD appeared on screen because seriously, dude’s been the same age forever. Not to write that as an insult, but more as a testament to his youth in some way.

Panda thought this would be a good follow-up movie to the Wolf of Wall Street because I clearly didn’t get the Gordon Gecko references. I would call this the more sophisticated look at the Wolf of Wall Street and add that Gordon Gecko is intimidatingly good at what he does.

I particularly liked the choice of cast except for Darryl Hannah because I just don’t find her convincingly attractive. The father-son pair of Martin and Charlie Sheen was perfect. But man, what happened in Charlie’s life that has left him so sleazy?

Anyways, if you plan to see Wolf of Wall Street, you should check this out first. Both good movies.



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