treat house


So, I was skimming down this list and stopped at the entry for Treat House. A shop that specializes in rice krispies treats? I had to try it and lucky for me, I wasn’t alone.

After a so-so brunch at Good Enough to Eat and a brief adventure down Amsterdam, we stopped by this relatively new shop neighboring Land Thai. The display of treats was adorably decorated, giving off the feel that one was in a candy shop. There were lots of items to choose from, so Sunflower and I opted for 4.

We got the Birthday Cake, Cookies and Cream, S’mores, and Caramel Sea Salt. We sat in the back of the shop where the setup contrasted the sleek white flooring and walls. The back was made up like a tree house, a sort of camp-like escape from the urban world. There was a swinging bench, and a small table with stools made out of tree logs. It had a very comfortable feel.

There were no utensils to divide the treats in half, so we had to use our hands. The treats overall weren’t that jaw-dropping awesome like we thought they might be. In fact, all of them were similar in taste and akin to the rice krispies we grew up with. The one that stood out from the rest was the Caramel Sea Salt. It was rich in caramel and different in taste. I think in some ways, it enhanced the treat with its heavy sweetness and morsel of saltiness.

Before leaving, I got four more for Panda to try: Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Pretzel, Capuccino, and Caramel Sea Salt. He wasn’t disapproving.

If you’re a rice krispies fan, you might like this place, but in all honesty, you can easily make these at home. They might not look as fancy, but I’m sure you’ll find them delicious.



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