Lamb Burger – Many friends have raved about this burger and it’s deserved. A lot of the credit goes to the feta stuffed into the core of the lamb patty. The lamb alone is nothing special, but with a bite of the feta, you get moist tenderness and an elevation in flavor, salty and mouth-watering.

Bison Burger – Mildly gamey, but mostly dry and underwhelming. The sauce helped add dimension, but it was not enough to make me go begging for more.

Cheese Fries – Crisp golden brown French fries covered in melted cheddar. Not a single fry was cheese-less. Three condiments came along with these fries. One that was like chipotle barbeque mayo, another was hot sauce barbeque, and the last one was maybe cilantro. I particularly liked the chipotle barbeque mayo. It paired so well with the cheese fries, adding a sweetness and kick.



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