the transporter refueled


My sentiments regarding this movie are equal to the disappointment I felt upon learning Jason Statham was not starring in it. This reboot was needless and underwhelming. While it was entertaining for a mid-week, it was because so many things about it were puzzling and lackadaisical. For one thing, how did a bunch of prostitutes who were pulled into the industry so well equipped to rob a bank, acquire such heavy technology, and even mastermind flawless plans? Not to belittle the intelligence of the women, but that was very unclear to me. And this new Frank is just so uninspiring. Sure, he looks stoic and he manages to keep his composure, but the real interesting character was his dad. Truly the most charming and admirable character in the bunch despite having very questionable medical skills that miraculously gets a person walking effortlessly in a day!

I think this movie was lazy. It tried to be cool, but it fell short. There was poor acting, a weak story, and even less interesting acting scenes. I expected more obstacles, more oohs and ahhs. Nada.



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