the sparrow tavern

*A corner bar, across from the very popular Bohemian Beer Garden is this jewel in Astoria. Watch Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives? This was one of the places visited!

Swiss Chard Quesadilla – Fairly simple yet gratifying. Cheese and greens mixed and melted in between tortillas? A good “healthy” snack pre-entrée.

Pulled Pork – This was a very unique experience. Instead of pulled pork smothered in barbeque sauce, I was given pork that was neither wet nor dry. It was absolutely delectable. The pulled pork was tender, breakable and mouth-watering. There wasn’t an overwhelming taste of sweet barbeque sauce; there was the flavor of the meat, fatty and moist, with the perfect air of spices that made me want to inhale it all in one bite. The partnering mashed potatoes were creamy, almost whipped and paired to well with the meat. And the greens: perfection. Each leaf maintained a slight crunch, but accompanied everything else creating a balance between soft to medium-hardness. I truly wish I had double, maybe even triple the servings on that plate.

Lamb – I only had one bite of this, so I can’t speak to its true glory. I can say that this Tavern knows how to handle its meat. The lamb wasn’t overly seasoned, thus allowing the meat to shine through, and wow, it was manly with elegance.



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