the mermaid inn


Fried calamari – I think it’s really hard to do calamari wrong. The squid was crisp, flavorful, and refreshing with a spritz of lemon.

Dark and stormy cocktail – It was sweet and gingery with a severely bitter ending; a storm in my mouth indeed.

Lobster paloozaQuarter-pound lobster with corn and potatoes
This is a great Sunday deal and a fun experience for those who have never pried the meat out of a lobster shell before. The lobster is cooked to perfection and the side complements just add that feel of feasting at a boil. The meat was sweet and juicy and even better after a dunk in melted butter. The silence at the table indicated the enjoyment.

Gouda mac and cheese – I’ve never had gouda in mac and cheese, so it was a nice change. I don’t prefer it since this didn’t send my taste buds roaring for more. This, however, was a complimentary item thanks to Foursquare, so maybe there was less effort put into it.

Chocolate pudding – So far, at each location, this has been a complimentary dessert. It comes in a tiny bowl that feels like its been chilled. The pudding is thick, but not heavy. It’s a lovely palate cleanser. It comes along with one of those plastic fish fortunetellers that you can sit on your palm as you spoon up some dessert.

*Highly recommend it for a more intimate family dinner or date night. The ambience is mildly relaxed and the dim lighting helps push you further into a loosened state. If you’re a lobster lover, definitely get the lobster palooza that is only available on Sundays!



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