star wars: episode i – the phantom menace

The first time I watched this was when it first came out when I was just a youngling. I remember being upset that it was made. After several years of vowing never to watch it again or the two sequels to follow, I bit my tongue and decided it needed another chance.

My sentiments remain the same. This is the worst in the series and it is because it was so needless. The story was so bland. Even though we know what is going to happen because of the awesome Episodes 4-6, I feel like George Lucas could have tried a little harder in filling missing pieces, in invoking more feeling to places and people. Everything felt half-assed and the screen time for Jar Jar Binks was excruciating.

If you really have to know the beginning of Vader, watch it casually without expectations. Otherwise you will just keep saying “meh” throughout the film as I did.



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