I think this series is proof that good characters make a good series and that bad characters can bring downfall.

Season 1 thru 2 were fun and engaging. The idea that you could travel to thousands of parallel universes, each different from that last, was intriguing. You can’t help but wonder how the society is governed. Story aside, there was a balanced cast  that consisted of Professor Arturo, Quinn, Wade, and Rembrandt. Each had their own unique trait and personality that contributed to the group as a whole.

The middle of season 3 marked a turning point in the series, especially when my favorite character decided to leave, resulting in the group’s adoption of Maggie. She was a horrible addition to the suddenly feeble group. And because of her, the dynamic of the group completely changed. There was needless bickering, slow episodes, and the depression of characters that led to another founding member leaving by season 4. Not to mention the subpar acting.

Season 4 started off horribly until the group added Colin. Finally, there was some life in the show again that could help subdue the annoyance created by Maggie. But I should have known that it wouldn’t last.

I earnestly urge you to stop watching when you get to season 5. It is utter crap and an unpleasant waste of time (except for maybe the Wade episode). At this point, only one of the season 1 characters has remained and it’s not even the lead member of the group who makes all the decisions. And what’s worse is that you have to endure more of Maggie’s amateur acting.

I won’t dissuade you too much from watching this, but I will most definitely encourage you to avoid season 5 at all costs because it will bring down your overall impression of the entire show.



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