I never truly got into the James Bond movies, so I was more excited to hear that Adele was singing the theme song because she’s amazing.

A lot of people raved about this movie being “different” than the others and that “James Bond is back”, so I had to watch it. I figured I watched enough Bond movies to understand and… I suppose I do, but I can’t give this film a rave review.

I grew up in the Pierce Brosnan age of James Bond movies, so I’m quite familiar with the charms of the agent. But Daniel Craig is different. More realistic and stoic, emitting a sensation that he’s had a hard life. I suppose that’s his appeal.

As for the movie itself, I was bored. The villain was weak and not in the least bit terrifying. And the Bond women were severely underdeveloped. They showed up and disappeared like they shouldn’t have been in the film in the first place.

Eh, it wasn’t original enough nor moving in any way. The only thing I liked was the scenic shots. I need to travel.



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