rambo first blood part ii


My lack of focus during this movie may be an indication of how much I enjoyed it compared to the first. While it maintained the same level of heroics, the story didn’t quite grip me in. I do regret not paying full attention though because this was the chance for Rambo to have a romantic companion! Ah well.

In this part two, Rambo is thrust back into Vietnam, the country in which he was brutally tortured. Tasked with rescuing POWs from an enemy stronghold, Rambo must navigate difficult terrain and unspeakable cruelty in order to succeed! And succeed he… well, he certainly has to face a lot of obstacles.

Even though I wasn’t completely in, this movie is worth watching, I particularly find it interesting how the writers or directors manage to deliver some sort of political statement that makes you have to search through your brain hard drive to extract all that American history you learned or didn’t learn in high school.



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