Fried mushrooms – The presentation of this dish was adorable! Fried mushrooms in a little fryer basket were not what I was expecting. Sadly, the taste didn’t match the look. These really were nothing more than fried mushrooms with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce. The mushrooms tasted much like the oil they were fried in.

Crab fried rice – It started off good, but later revealed an explosion of onion that overshadowed the sweet crabmeat that I so desperately wanted to enjoy. There was so much onion mixed in that I started to question whether or not there was actually crabmeat in the dish. It was hard for me to finish more than a quarter of the dish.

*The place, or maybe just where we were seated smelled really bad. Like the smell of stale dirty water. It really destroyed the intimate atmosphere. The smell may be an indication of the place’s cleanliness.



  • Saira

    That was some night. 🙂

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