our brand is crisis


In this political drama, Sandra Bullock plays a strategist hired to take a Bolivian multi-millionaire to the top of the presidential election. Dirty tricks are played and sly words are exchanged, giving you a look behind the scenes of a political campaign.

I’m not the most knowledgeable about politics, so this film did not particularly woo me. But even if I were, I could say that this wasn’t very impressive. It was tolerable but weak and heavily reliant on historical references and quotes. You can quote Sun Tzu once or twice, sure, but know when to stop.

There was no clear balance. It felt like the writers wanted to focus on too many things – the campaign and the man running, the strategist suffering some mid-life crisis, the people of a broken country – without successfully grabbing a hold on any one of them. The result was no crescendo, no twists and turns, just an incomplete feeling of having wasted your time.



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