my all american


If you are one of those people who do a little research about a movie before watching it, try not to do it for this movie because being able to react to surprise is a part of the experience that will make this enjoyable.

The movie is about a real-life star football player, Freddie Steinmark, whose love for the game is almost Rudy-like. But unlike the constant crescendo of achievements, this one ends with tragedy.

When I watch sports related movies, I look forward to the coach’s speeches that revves his players up and instill motivation and inspiration that even will an outsider to think they could dominate the field and deliver victory! Those adages and Sun Tzu-esque words elegantly articulated were nonexistent in this movie, much to my dismay. There were no Coach Taylor words of wisdom anywhere to be found.

I felt like they were trying very hard to make Steinmark your hero. Instead, I was left with the impression that the actor who plays him has an uncanny resemblance to a young Leonardo DiCaprio.



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