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Avoid this one if you can. This is a great example of a movie that goes nowhere. In fact, if you have watched How I Met Your Mother, which happens to star Josh Radnor as well, this is Ted Mosby in a nutshell.

The story is about a 30-something year old who returns to his alma mater to celebrate the retirement of one of his favorite professors. There, he becomes enamored with a young student thirsting for a mature man in her life. Thus begins a relationship in which the two share their favorite works of art, be it music or literature. Clouding their relationship, however, is the man’s concerns about their age gap and her lack of worldliness.

“Pretentious” adequately describes this movie for me. It was so dull, offering me little but the thought that “Josh Radnor probably is Ted Mosby, inside and out. In movies and in life.”



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