landbrot bakery and bar


We were infuriated from the disaster that was Rosemary’s and decided to find a place nearby to calm our spirits. We ended up here and although the service here was below average, it was significantly better than the service we got at Rosemary’s, so my mood was lifted to a comfortable state.

I ordered a small coffee and a salted pretzel and Panda got a beer and one of the brots. My coffee was anything but small. There was no way I could ever finish it, and the mere size of the cup made me think that the coffee wouldn’t be all that exceptional. It wasn’t despite being a “good” deal.

The pretzel was decent. A bit too firm than ideal, but better and fresher than the ones you can get off the street.

Panda’s beer was alright, but his brot was disappointing. The main reason being that they completely botched his order. He was a bit upset about it since the staff was arguing behind the counter whether or not the dish he received was actually his order before they delivered it.

My major complaint therefore is the staff. There were too many and no one had a clue what they were doing except for the bartender. And the bartender wasn’t the most attentive, nor the most friendly.

The place has a long way to go before I would recommend it to anyone. Again, better than Rosemary’s but for this experience, not that much better.



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