land thai

Larb duckhand chopped duck breast, toasted rice, shallot, dried chili, lime juice, endive, romaine heart
This was deliciously refreshing. I’m usually opposed to very oniony dishes, but I didn’t really notice it. The lemon grass and the lemon or lime mixed in with the other ingredients heightened the flavor of the duck without compromising it. To eat this, you spoon some of the duck into lettuce or endive pieces. It’s really well balanced that way. The duck is tender and moist and the lettuce adds the crunch and mildness that lowers the citrus impact.

Wok charred squidchili-garlic puree, thai basil, sugar snap pea, black peppercorn sauce
I liked that the squid wasn’t overcooked, thus leaving the meat tender and chewy, but this dish is underwhelming. It has a lot of heat which intensifies when you stuff a spoonful of very hot rice in your mouth, but in terms of flavor, there’s not much beyond saltiness.



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