lan sheng


Dan Dan Noodles – This is a good starter choice. The noodle serving was well matched with the chili and pork sauce. Each noodle strand was glossed with the sauce. We get this every time we come, so it’s a safe, consistent selection.

Green Beans with Minced Pork – Whenever I go to the Szechuan restaurant, I order the green beans. Although I don’t admit it, it’s my favorite Szechuan vegetable dish. Done right, the green beans look a bit shriveled, but manage to maintain crispiness and if seasoned perfectly, tastes salty, sweet, hot, and delicious. That initial crunch is unbeatable. The green beans here aren’t as good as those at Mapo Tofu, but close.

Husband and Wife Lungs – The ratio between the tripe and oxtail could be improved and the chili oil could use a little added seasoning. This dish was forgettable.

Meat Pot in Chili Sauce – Not sure of the exact name of this dish
For a meat pot, I had to scavenge long and hard before getting hold of meaty morsels. The heat was good, the mixture was salty and overall, we enjoyed this pot more than our experience at La Vie En Szechuan.

*We were attracted to this restaurant because it received one Michelin star. We liked it enough that we frequented this place every few months because it’s right off the train. However, after our last visit, we were turned off. The service was so rude, leaving my usually calm companion infuriated and the food was only so-so. Disregarding our last visit, it’s still a place worth trying.



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