jinya ramen bar


After reading this post on SeriousEats, I was itching to try this place, but neglecting to look at the hours of operation the first time, we had the great misfortune of deciding to go to Rosemarys instead.

But this was attempt number two and we made it! The restaurant is super popular in L.A. So much so, it’s made its way to the East Coast. The interior of the restaurant reminded me a lot of Ippudo NY but with slightly less seating and noise. Of course, that may be due to the fact that it’s new and not yet well-known. We were greeted by young staff who eagerly directed us to our table.

There’s a lot on the double-sided menu. One side devoted to the ramen and the other to starters and skewers. We ordered the enoki and bacon skewer, crispy rice with spicy tuna, the Tonkotsu Spicy for me, and the Tonkotsu Black for Panda. Unbeknownst to us, there was a skewer special. Not sure what the deal was, but if we had known sooner, perhaps we would have ordered more.

The skewer and the crispy rice arrived together. The skewer was just a handful of enoki mushrooms wrapped around a slice of bacon. Nothing particularly unique about it, and taste-wise, it wasn’t great either albeit my enoki love. The crispy rice was overcooked in my opinion. It was crispy, no doubt, but so hard to chew. Not the best way to treat rice. The spicy tuna that was spread on top was delicious though.

As soon as we were done, our ramen arrived. My Tonkotsu Spicy didn’t taste so spicy, making me regret going for mild heat and not something more. The broth was underwhelming in flavor. I did however like that the ratio of soup to noodle was on point.

I glanced over to Panda, who, as always, was nearly done his bowl before I was even halfway. I scooped up some of his broth and took a sip. I was expecting a little more saltiness, but instead I got a lot of  faux garlicy flavor that seemed water-down.

Overall, not a great start for the ramen shop in my opinion, but I won’t rule out future visits.



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