dumpling man


Pork dumplings – The dough exterior was too thick and despite being seared, there was little to no crispiness. The skin was also too fragile, with each dumpling sticking to each other and the paper serving plate. There was a lot of unnecessary struggle to lift a dumpling.

Another problem was the rawness of the interior. The pork was still red in color. It made me uneasy and my worries were made valid when my panda got a stomachache about 30 minutes later.

*Hands down the worst dumplings I’ve had in the city thus far.

When we walked into the shop, there was a huge pile of pre-cooked dumplings that looked like they had been sitting idle for a long period of time. I’m pretty sure that were served dumplings that were reheated from that pile. Freshness goes a long way, people!

At about $4 for 6 dumplings, you’re getting severely ripped off both in cash and quality. Take my word for it and just head down to Prosperity Dumpling where you get more bang for your buck.



  • brisbane bed, bed brisbane

    dumplings is one of the best food in the world!

    • kimpenguin

      I know, right?! But this place did them sooooo wrong!

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