ducks eatery

* Boo on me for not going for the one brunch dish that has what I can only imagine is the restaurant’s expertise: duck. I’ll have to come back for fried duck!

Smoked Brisket Hash – Now, this is what I’m talking about! One of the reasons we ended up here was because the barbecue is well received. Sadly, brunch doesn’t have much barbecue, so this was the only option and it was good! The brisket was tender, moist, and so full of flavor. Forget the other stuff on the plate because that smoked brisket is a winner.

Benton’s Bacon Benedict – Oh boy did this look beautiful. The poached eggs were perfect, topped with a bright hollandaise. A little poke and yolk streamed out creamy and orange. Although the presentation was lovely, this was just an okay egg’s bene. The bacon was thick, but difficult to cut through. I had to struggle a bit to get a balanced muffin-egg-bacon bite. My least favorite part of the dish was the sweet potatoes. The maple-enhancement made them too sweet like candy, taking away the wholesomeness of the dish. This would appeal to those who really dig that sweet and savory mix.

Bloody Mary – I’m not a big fan of okra, and this didn’t help the case. Although the okra tastes better pickled, it added a little too much bitterness to the drink.



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