dough, smorgasburg


Peering through the line, a wide array of donuts were on display, each looking fresh and delicious. The smell, invigorating.

Raccoon and I were hoping to end our day at Smorgasburg with a scrumptious dessert. Sadly, this vendor turned out to be the worst idea EVER. Looking at the flavor options, it was clear that we missed out on the popular salted chocolate caramel flavor, so we went for what appeared to be the second favorite: chocolate and cacao nibs.

The doughnut was sizable with a decent ratio of frosting to dough. We both dug in and our reaction was less than graceful. While I was able to finish half, Raccoon could barely get past the first bite.

The dough was decent, but the frosting was beyond unpleasant. Although it had the hint of sweetness, there was some underlying flavor that was hard to wash out. It was almost bitter and unnatural.

I wouldn’t warn you against these doughnuts. For some reason, they’re very popular. Just heed this warning that however awesome the frosting may look, it may not taste that great.



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