ditch plains

Crab Dip – The warmness of the dip and the crab pieces was welcoming, but everything together just didn’t have much flavor. It was like eating thickened milk with hints of green onion and crab.

Ditch Dogs – I could make this better, using store bought franks, buns, and mac and cheese! The mac and cheese atop the hot dog was missing salt, creating a blandness that drowned out any essence of the dog.

Lobster Mac & Cheese – Probably the worst mac and cheese I’ve had in the city. It was water-down, despite its creamy façade. What makes me even sadder is that lobster was thrown into the mix. The poor lobster having to live in a horrendously tasteless cheese and cream mixture!

*This place is overpriced and managed by very negligent service. The staff was unaware of the availability of their entrees. We ordered a lobster roll, only to be informed much later that they were no longer available. On top of that, they screwed up our drink orders and then forgot about us altogether.



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