*I watched an early screening of the movie; therefore many things may have been changed in the final release.

Capitalizing on the success of celebrity chef shows, this film follows a headstrong chef working towards a third Michelin star for a renowned restaurant in London. Given Gordon Ramsay’s endorsements, it can be assumed that the temperamental, bad-mouthed, meticulously perfect chef influenced Bradley Cooper’s character.

While melodrama is entertaining, I truly wish there were less focus on the chef’s past shortcomings and more on his relationship with his crew and his rivalry. Sadly, I was forced to savor the small bits of back-and-forth as if they were the last piece of chocolate on earth. Those interactions contained passion and wonder. I wanted to see more of that desire to innovate and make people speechless because what they just ate was so profound that there are no words. I wanted to see more of the food so I could go “Oo” and “Ahh”, with a stream of drool running from my mouth.

What you get is a troubled man, haunted by the past that follows him, and a flowering romance. My takeaway from this movie was the possibly false signs of a Michelin reviewer at a restaurant. That was fun and a trick I’ll have to try at the next fancy place I go to.



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