bono trattoria

Focaccia with Prosciutto – More in the form of a Panini, with the prosciutto and arugula nestled in two slices of the dough used to make pizza. The shell was thin, not anything like focaccia. I’m not an Italian expert, but I was sure focaccia was doughier and usually the ingredients are embedded into the bread.

Pappardelle – I guess this would fall under the family of lamb ragu. The sauce was a little salty, but this was overall a solid dish, meaty and rich in flavor.

Strozzapreti – The appeal for me was the truffle in the pasta’s description. The pasta was gritty and undercooked. I liked the fragrance of the truffle oil mixed in the creamy sauce, but it was all overshadowed by the sauce’s overwhelming saltiness.

Parm Pizza – It was great fresh out of the oven, with the dough still hot and the cheese scalding as it oozed off the sides of the slices. The ingredient combinations were good with the prosciutto and array of cheeses, but as the pizza cools, it becomes increasingly less appetizing. The cheese quickly coagulates and since the dough is so thin, it’s like eating a stale cracker with rubbery cheese.

*The service is dismal. Distracted and disorganized staff. I’ll blame it mostly on this still being a new restaurant. I have faith it will improve if they manage to hire good, friendly staff.



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