bassanova ramen


Truffle Ramen – The ramen looked wildly healthy; it has a lot of forest colors with hints of red and yellow. While I’m a sucker for truffles, this ramen was full of bad choices. For example, the use of baby corn rather than full kernels was a bummer. The red pepper would have been better if sliced up into quarter-inch slices. The greens were excessive, resulting in a very grassy taste. With a little tweaking though, I feel like this could be a good brothless ramen. Perhaps the inclusion of real truffles and not just oil, the minimization of some of the leafy greens, and the inclusion of a few other vegetables could add and/or enhance flavors.

Tondaku Ramen – This was generic. After being prompted by the staff about the food, I felt a wave of guilt when responding, “it’s good”, when it really should have been, “it’s… okay…”

*Although this isn’t ranked in my top 5 ramen shops in the city, it does have potential. But what I found most memorable is that this place has a fully operational boday in the restroom! Hah!



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