Fried olives organic labne, harissa oil
I’m not fond of olives outside their oil form, but these were delicious. They looked like Koh Kae peanut snacks; a golden brown hard-shell encasing the prize. The olives didn’t have the overpowering pickled taste and the yogurt and harissa added a kick that was well-balanced.

Israeli street fair – chicken & merguez with amba yogurt in pita, patatas bravas
My favorite of the experience. This was very mediterranean in taste, reminding me of Greek souvlaki. The seasoning of the meat was very similar, but more pronounced. I particularly liked the fried potatoes, adding crispiness to the tender texture of the meat and the pita. Sadly, the portion was small for the price. I would need a lot more to classify this as an adequate meal.

Grilled skirt steak – spice rubbed, patatas bravas, green salad
The meat was moist and tender throughout, but it could have used a bit more seasoning. It was sweet, almost to teriyaki level.

Moroccan fish cazuela – preserved lemon, chickpeas, cilantro baked in a spicy red pepper and paprika sauce
I wasn’t sure what to expect because I never had it before. It’s basically a fish stew. It looks like the perfect fall/winter dish, complimented with a slice of bread. Unfortunately, I felt like it fell short. The fish was overcooked and rough, breaking apart like chicken. Perhaps it was the type of fish used. The taste of the broth would be enhanced if there was a splash of lemon juice or a pinch more salt. Even though there was preserved lemon, it created more bitterness than needed. There wasn’t much balance. There were peppers galore and very few chickpeas. All the while, I just felt like something was missing.



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