at the wallace


White Pizza – With each bite, strings of melted cheese would stretch from my mouth to the rest of the sandwich. It was a mix of béchamel, artichoke, and others that melded deliciously into creamy, cheesy ooziness.

Leaning Tower – Sadly, I took my first bite of this when it was a little cold. Unlike the White Pizza, it solidified quickly, so the cheese did not gush out of the sides, hanging there like flimsy string.

Mac and Steez Hot Dog – I’m always so tempted by mac ‘n’ cheese atop a hot dog. It’s two things I like: hot dogs and mac ‘n’ cheese! The dog looked great, covered with a bed of cheesy shells and bacon bites. The taste was only mediocre, however. The mac could have used more seasoning, despite the fact that the dog usually provides that extra level of flavor.

Truffle Waffle Fries – The sunny-side egg was a nice touch, adding velvety texture to the saltiness from the Parmesan. The truffle taste wasn’t very apparent besides the smell, but the fries were consistently crisp and golden.



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