anchor wine bar

Mussels in White Wine Sauce – The sauce was excessively lemony. While that’s often not a bad thing, it actually made the dish rather putrid. I was also dismayed by the size of the mussels. It really must not be mussel season.

Grilled Octopus – capers, tomatoes, potatoes, basil
This was my favorite pre-entrée antipasto. The octopus was soft and chewy, but the perfect amount of both that allowed my teeth to pierce through the tentacles. If it were grilled a little bit longer so that the tips were slightly charred, it would be even better. The tentacle was rested above a bed of seasoned tomatoes, potatoes, capers, and mushrooms. Although it was oily, I liked the Mediterranean flavors that were drawn out.

Mushroom Bruschetta – mushrooms, cheese, truffle oil
This bruschetta is an antipasto I could easily make at home. Because of that, I was dissatisfied. It was delicious, but I was hoping there would be fancy mushrooms that I rarely consume. What I got were button mushrooms or baby portobellos that I could get at any of the surrounding grocery stores.

Rabbit Stew with Mushroom Risotto – The rabbit was so tender, the meat just glided off the bones. It was heavenly. The mushroom risotto was rich and a wonderful complement to the hearty stew. My only complaint was that the dish was filled with oil. So much oil! Eat spoonful delivered have a teaspoon or more of oil, masking the overall beauty of the dish.

Branzino – From the reviews, I was expecting an entire fish grilled to perfection. Instead, the branzino was a fillet, noticeably overcooked and not adequately seasoned.

*Like a lot of the new places popping up in the Hamilton Heights Broadway area, the service is not up to par. The clearing staff was much more attentive than our hosts who seemingly forgot we were there.



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