a salt and battery


*All fried items cooked in vegetable oil

Fish and shrimp combo – The fish and shrimp were beautifully crisp and golden brown, with the tenderness of the meat still intact. The batter isn’t seasoned, so the accompanying possibly homemade tartar sauce, which had a tinge of mustard texture, elevated the fried goodness.

Haddock and scallop chowder – Rich and full of meat, which I love! Sometimes chowders in the city have more potato than meat. I’m not even sure if there was anything other than creamy soup and meat, actually. Dipping the fish in this soup is highly recommended.

Deep fried brussel sprouts – I love brussel sprouts, but these were a letdown. The resulting sprouts were like chips and tasted more like the oil in which they were cooked than of the actual vegetable themselves.

Chips – The chips were another letdown. I was hoping that these would pack the same crunch as the fish and shrimp, but the resulting fries were soggy and lacking in flavor. Even my addition of salt didn’t improve it.

Recommendation: Fried seafood and chowder, definitely! Skip the chips because you will be thoroughly disappointed if you happen to like your chips crisp.

*For those who like food challenges, these guys have one! There is one person who completed it in less than 5 minutes which is very, very impressive. Person must have scarfed it down without chewing.



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